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About Me

A seasoned leader with vast experience working within complex systems, government funding and regulations, project management, technology integration, organizational development and process improvements that strengthen the workforce and key business initiatives while enhancing quality outcomes and customer service.

My major areas of responsibility include leadership roles interfacing with all organizational levels; integrating operational business strategy and creating and refining processes with an emphasis on performance and quality outcomes; delivering enhanced customer service through the use and exploration of emerging technologies and technology utilization/optimization.

With a bachelor’s degree in science, I have adopted an analytical approach to problem solving and inquiry with a research-based method of hypothesizing, testing, analyzing, evaluating, and replicating results for successful business outcomes. My master’s degree in business helped to enhance my leadership, strategic thinking, planning and project management skills. My overarching interest in technology has been as a tool for creating and conceptualizing ways to initiate and implement change, major projects, and improve systems and processes.

My experience with the not-for-profit sector has significantly enhanced my creativity and innovation for designing new techniques and achieving high returns with scarce resources. My time spent employed in (and working with) the government sector has offered many opportunities for me to gain appreciation and comfort in working with contracts and the legislative system while maneuvering within strict controls and regulatory guidelines.

My roles have required a supporting and open communication style, built on mutual trust, and confidence that span across all staff levels. I have a proven track record with the ability to effectively coach and supervise people, develop and lead cross-functional teams, and manage multiple high-level projects at once. 

Additional roles and responsibilities have included the oversight and management for marketing, communications and public relations/advocacy tactics and volunteer recruitment for organizations and groups that would regularly require presenting to community members and company board of directors.  I have consulted with private and public companies on accreditation and served as the lead on the Council on Accreditation (COA) process for Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) components. My work in this area also received the highest possible mark on the COA evaluation score.

A strong believer in change and improvement and continuously looking for new and better ways to complete even the ordinary. I have a desire to learn something new everyday and an eagerness to pass along what I have learned to others.

My family is my pride and joy and my greatest accomplishment.  I married my college sweetheart and we have two beautiful daughters. We try to spend as much time together enjoying the Florida weather and being near friends and family.

Creator and publisher of Free Internet Apps and founder of the PQI Network